Shining a light on mental health, one mind at a time

Mental health resources: link

Allyship information : link

Faculty resources : link


  • Create a safe and welcoming space to take first steps into awareness and allyship
  • Hold several casual and formal events throughout the year


  • Collaborate with the department, college, campus-wide organizations and integrating mental health education and awareness into first-year programs
  • Host fundraisers
  • Encourage a community of care and compassion


  • Work with college and department to lead policy initiatives on student mental health resources
  • Promote Kognito at-risk training for faculty and staff

Committee applications will open in Fall 2022! CSMHC has been on hiatus for the 2021-2022 academic year but we will be back next fall. :)

If committees aren’t right for you, but you want to remain involved, come to our events!

Follow us on social media for notifications about events and applications opening, as well as content on maintaining your mental health.

Debunking common myths about CSMHC!

Myth: Only CS majors can join

Truth: Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of major or other demographic

Myth: We’re a team of professionals

Truth: We’re a group of students passionate about mental health advocacy

Myth: We require mental health expertise

Truth: We’re looking for passionate individuals and provide trainings to all team members

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Instagram: @csmhc.illinois

Facebook: Illinois CS Mental Health Committee